Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Jacob? The Incident?

I've finally got round to doing a write up on the recent episode of Lost in which Jack and Kate had to continue with Daniel Faraday's task after he was shot by his mother Eloise Hawking in the previous episode and this was to detonate the hydrogen bomb. This one task would prevent a pocket of electromagnetic energy from the Swan station site escaping which would ultimately cause the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. The release of the energy meant every 108 minutes a button had to be pressed to prevent any further disasters. Jack, Eloise, Richard Alpert and Sayid have all gone to detonate the bomb which is buried under the same village where the Dharma Initiative call home, most of which are now by this point boarding the submarine to escape the 'incident' which we still aren't sure as to what it is but my theory, and probably most people's, is that the incident was caused by the electromagnetism leak. Daniel Faraday's theory was that if the hydrogen bomb was detonated this energy would be destroyed, therefore the plane crash wouldn't happen and I imagine this is how the final series will end: Oceanic Flight 815 arriving in Los Angeles.
Back in 2007... John Locke has a plan. And his plan is to kill Jacob. Why? Because why take orders from someone you've never seen? So in next week's double episode we finally find out who the mysterious Jacob is and it's more than likely to be a Jacob-centric episode. There's been hundred's of theories as to who he is, the strangest being the Spanish guy who Jack couldn't save; this one being just because he had a similar profile to what we saw of Jacob. I read a theory of Jacob being Vincent, Walt's dog. There was dog pictures in Jacob's cabin, yes, but it's quite unlikely that he is a dog. The statue had four toes, however, but who's to say it's a statue of Jacob? And what lies in the shadow? Will we find this out? It could be the way of finding Jacob; his cabin. Other Jacob theories were Daniel Faraday, this one I thought quite likely even though he now has been shot. But is he really dead?
Claire's baby, Aaron. This was quite an early one and it could quite possibly be right. Christian Shephard (grandfather) and Claire (mother) were both in his cabin at one point, Christian declaring he spoke on behalf of Jacob and Claire just saying she was with him.
There's been much speculation on the identity of Jacob, I wouldn't be surprised if he just turned out as either not real or a completely new character who has had something to do with all the 'Losties'. Ben's face showed fear to a great extent when John revealed what his plan was. Ben claims to 'know' Jacob and personally taken orders from him although Jacob doesn't seem to have been revealed to anyone else. Perhaps he is just a vehicle Ben is using to scare everyone into doing what he wants. Which probably wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
Back in '77 and Juliet, Kate and Sawyer have all be taken hostage by the DI and are all on the submarine back to the mainland! Which is of course in 1977 with the island! They wouldn't be able to find Eloise for help to get back to 2007 because she is with the Hostiles on the island. Maybe by some stroke of luck that submarine will stay in the boundaries of the Island for just the right amount of time.
Dr Chang finally decided to send everyone off the island after quizzing Hurley with time related questions. He failed. So Chang believed that they were from the future and they knew what was going to happen and all he could do was try and prevent it. But whether or not he goes as far as stopping the drilling at the Swan site we've still to know. Daniel had given him a time limit of six hours before the drilling went deep enough to cause a 'disaster'. His advice was to stop the drilling and get everyone off the island as soon as possible. Obviously Chang didn't believe him when he explained how he knew; Faraday's only other proof was in the form of Miles, also Chang's son, who denied being from the future.
So now we know how Chang knew to get everyone off the island. After episode 13, Some Like It Hoth, it seemed Miles had done the deed, after seeing his father read a younger Miles a book, acting like a father who loves his son acts. Miles had been brought up to believe his father had deserted himself and his mother, 'throwing them out of their home'.
Back to 2007 and Sun is showing Richard a picture of the DI new recruits from '77, given to her by Christian Shephard. The picture showed her where everyone else was in time and she was enquiring with Richard as to what happened to them, in particular her husband Jin, to which he replied 'I watched them all die'. Was this a result of the incident? Did they get caught in Ben's gas attack in which he killed off the entire DI including his father? Whatever happens in the finale will affect the future of the survivors, be this good or bad. And, for once, even Eloise doesn't know what will happen. In episode 14 after Desmond had been shot obviously Penelope Widmore, Desmond's wife, wanted to know if he'd be okay to which she replied 'For once I don't know'. Which is a hell of a lot of use because she's the only one that does seem to have 'knowledge'! So who are they going to get help from now? Perhaps Charles Widmore knows a lot more than he's letting on. We know that he lived amongst the Hostiles, with 'Ellie', he was on the island as a 17 year old in 1954 when Faraday and the others turned up and demanded they bury the hydrogen bomb, which the US Army were going to blow up the Island with. He was also there in 1977 when little Ben Linus was taken to the Hostiles to save him after Sayid shot him. Sometime after the DI was killed off he was banished for 'breaking the rules'. He regularly left the island as well as having 'a daughter with an outsider'.
Centric episodes on both Widmore, as well as Alpert, would be a help to solve some more of the mystery that shrouds the Island. Why does Alpert never age? Juliet just stated him as being 'Very old' so we are unaware as to just how long he has been on the island. He may have been there since the time the statue was in full glory. As to what the Statue represents could be anything, more than likely an Egyptian God which would make sense because of all the hieroglyphics in the temple. But I'm sure as to what that is will be revealed.
So there's at least two things we will find out before the end of Series five; what was the incident and will Richard be able to prevent it? But most importantly, who is Jacob? Who is this strange man that is causing Ben to become fearful after he learns of Locke's primary aim?
All will be revealed in the Season finale, next Sunday at 9pm.

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