Thursday, 28 May 2009

Random thoughts blog 1

Old Buildings – One of the solicitors near where I work is in the old town hall building and occupies the first floor so access to it is via a grand set of stairs. Now, originally this building’s interior will have been stone but most of it has been covered over to keep the place up, presumeably.
Anyway, I had to go to the solicitors to deliver a letter so off I go and find myself climbing up these stairs when I suddenly feel all lop sided. It turns out it’s the original stone steps were a problem when trying to put boards over as the stairs were all wonky. They were extremely hard to climb and much worse when I was going back down as I thought I might trip up or something. Luckily I wouldn’t have had far to fall due to the corner the stairs went round, halving the staircase.

Hotmail – I just managed to fix my hotmail. For the past couple of days I’ve had a major problem loading it up at work and it’s really quite annoying. So today I ended up pulling out the wireless adapter thing for the computer and plugging it back in. I did that just now so I hope it continues to work.

IT Stuff
– I’ve also been on the phone for most of the morning trying to set up an email account for the new staff member so now that’s sorted.

Windows Vista – Why or how are people finding stuff wrong with it? It works fine for me. And it looks good. The only problems I’m having are with my anti-virus software, it keeps managing to turn itself off. Strange.
I’ve seen screencaps of Windows 7. It looks like a cross between Vista and Mac, and I hate Macs. I really do. The toolbars are just images, open programs are kept in groups, similar to when you have so many IE windows open, for example, and you have that many that they won’t all fit across the toolbar so they form a group. It’s annoying when MSN does it, you’ve got to click on the full group just to see who’s messaged you.
So, basically, I don’t like the idea. A lot of people like XP, it performed well but I don’t like the layout. Vista looks classy, but a lot of people don’t think it’s as good and Windows 7 sounds like XP in a Vista coat crossed with a Mac.
I still have Windows Live Messenger 7, since then there have been 2 new versions out. I just like the older layout.
I suppose if I got something new I’d just get used to it. With stuff like Messenger and iTunes (I still have 7) it’s just really a program update, I could always override it with the older version if I wanted. With Windows 7 I have to pay for it and if I don’t like it then it means paying more to get Vista back.
I blogged about Internet Explorer 8 last week, my windows update automatically installed the new version and at first I thought it looked appalling to say the least. To start with it had added a new toolbar especially for the favourites menu, the rest of the bar was a grey block so I got rid of that and favourites went back to it’s original place next to the tabs. Instead of the two stars (one for favourites, one to add new) there was just a button that said favourites and it was from here you would add new which took a while getting used to. Also, the new version was very square. I was used to it looking quite ‘soft’. Now it reminds me of the way I like my MSN. Neat.

New Job Please?
– I’m currently looking for a new job. If anyone can put me forward to some one, or give me work then just leave me a comment with an email and job info and I’ll get back to you. For a bit of extra info about me I enjoy music and whipping my camera out at a possible opportunity.

Films – Anyone know if there’s any good films out this week? I’d go and see Drag Me To Hell but I’m not allowed. Oh well.

A Short P.S. – My hotmail isn’t displaying correctly It's also causing me problems with sending mail. It's just this computer though, it's fine at home! Stupid PC. It's completely buggered up again now. I find I never have problems with Google Mail though. We've just had a load of scene kids sat on our window ledge. Lovely.
Hey, scenesters, hey, hey scenesters...
How aggrevating. I love The Cribs.

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